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Food selling on International Women's Day

On March 08, 2008, at Korean house (AIT), Student Union has celebrated the International Women's Day which has been participated by lots of students especially women students from GDS fos.

Taking this opportunity, our CASA members have also prepared some kinds of food for selling.




Food Selling Activities


Prize offered to winners of futsal and badminton competition

After the final competition to select the winners from number 1 to 4 of CASA's both futsal and badminton friendship match, on the evening January 31, 2008,  CASA's president had arranged a prize giving ceremony  to all the winners of the competition.

1st prize (Futsal)

2nd prize (Futsal)

1st prize (Badminton)

2nd prize (Badminton)

3rd prize (Badminton)

4th prize (Badminton)

More photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/casa_ait/ 

CASA's Friendship Match Begins

A friendship match prepared by CASA started by today Jan 26, 2008 and has been scheduled to finish by next weekend. This competition falls into two types of sport i.e Futsal (Indoor Football) and Badminton. The purpose of this preparation is to bring a stronger relationship among all CASA's memebers and to bring enjoyment activities as well. There will also be some small amounts of award for all competitors in this competition.






  First Round Result (26-01-2008)

Futsal Team
Team  Winner
Team A  Vs  Team C ( 0 - 1 ) Team C
Team B  Vs  Team D ( 2 - 1 ) Team B


Badminton Team
Team  Winner
Team F  Vs  Team J  Team F (Vichheka and Boreth)
Team G  Vs  Team B  Team B (Pheap and Chivin)
Team H  Vs  Team E    Team H (Socheat and Borort)
Team D  Vs  Team C    Team C (Phin and Piseth)

CASA's Meeting 23-01-2008

CASA's committee and memebers have arranged a monthly meeting to discuss about the sport activities and the up coming cultural show preparation.

- Future Plan
- Sports: Futsal and Batminton
- Cultural Show
- Representative in SU meeting
- Financial Status

We have selected memebers for each divided sport groups which consist of Futsal Leagque and Badminton group.

1-Futsal Leaque
-Team A: Navuth, Thoeurn, Chivin, Samon
-Team B: Dara, Borort, Sothy, Sarin
-Team C: Piseth, Boreth, Ratana, Bunrith
-Team D: Chhay, Ra, Phea, Mouy

-Partner A: Pich-Phea
-Partner B: Pheap-Chivin
-Partner C: Phin-Piseth
-Partner D: Morokot-Samon
-Partner E: Vin-Thoern
-Partner F: Vichheka-Boreth
-Partner G: Sina-Sarin
-Partner H: Cheat-Borort
-Partner I: Phea-Mouy
-Partner J: Vy-Bunrith


CASA's New President and Committee Election

On the evening of January 19, 2008 at Korean House, all CASA's members had gathered and organized an election meeting to choose a new CASA's president and new committee for January 2008 semester.

Giving a speech in this occassion, Mr. Leng Chivin, former CASA's president said he was very happy to be chosen as president for previous semester, August 2007 semester, in which he has put much of his efforts to lead and work for CASA, and now he would like to offer an opportunity for other memeber to work in this position.

Followed by that, there was a speeach from Ms Thak Socheat, Cultural Affairs committee, about the activities and works which have been done during the last semester. 

At the end of the speech, there was also an offering of honor certificate to our former president, who has been working very hard for the association.

The next session was the election for new president and committee. Since there is no new member in this January 2008 semester, the new candidates are selected among the existing members.

Finally, after counting the vote, we have found our new CASA's president. Mr. Nuon Sam Navuth, who was the former Public Relations committee, is chosen as president for this January Semester. The rest of commitee remain getting the same voices so there is no changes.

Congratuation for new CASA's president and committee. We all have a strong commitment to work for and make our association move forward.

At the end of the meeting there were some entertainment activities such as a short performance, dancing and singing until the midnight.

More photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/casa_ait/

Two new AIT graduates win paper competition

Papers written by two AIT newly graduates (May 2007) Mr. Didin Agustian Permadi (left) and Mr. Kok Sothea (right) from Environmental Engineering and Management (EEM), School of Environment, Resources and Development ( SERD) were among the winners at the graduate level of a competition organized by the West Coast Section – Air & Waste Management Association of U.S.A.

Mr. Permadi's paper is entitled "Photochemical smog pollution in Jakarta and management strategy development using CAMx-MM5 modeling system".
Mr. Sothea's paper on "Emission inventory for modeling air quality for Phnom Penh, Cambodia" received the special comment of one of the reviewers as the most sophisticated work representing an attempt to gain insight into the air quality issues of a major metropolitan city (Phnom Penh City, Cambodia) based on relatively limited data concerning the emission sources.

Their papers were written based on the results of their AIT master’s thesis research, under the supervision of Dr. Kim Oanh, their EEM advisor.

They will either be awarded US $1000 each to attend and present their papers at the association’s annual meeting in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in June, or if unable to attend, they will each receive a US $500 cash award.

Prof. Sivanappan Kumar, Dean SERD, who commended the students, noted that these awards indicate the quality of the research work the students conducted at EEM, AIT, which is internationally recognized.

The Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan professional organization providing training, information, and networking opportunities to more than 9,000 environmental professionals in 65 countries. The Association's goals are to strengthen the environmental profession, expand scientific and technological responses to environmental concerns, and assist professionals in critical environmental decision making to benefit society. Currently, the Association has more than 32 regional sections, 68 local chapters, and 50 student chapters.

West Coast Section is one of the sections under A&WMA (Website:
httpl://www.eagle-pacific.com/awma-wcs/) that includes several professional chapters,
and student chapters including 3 in Asia (Singapore, Indonesia and AIT) and other
student chapters at universities on the US West Coast.

The AIT student Chapter was established in 1999 and housed in EEM. Each year the WCS AWMA organizes the student paper competition to select the best papers written based on masters and PhD research.


Cultural Show 2007

CASA participated the cultural show 2007 organised by the AIT SU on 31 March 2007. We performed our traditional dance known as "Trot". Because of our hard work and group coherence, we won the first Prize of dance competition among the five countries took part in the event. Our CASA members were very proud of winning the prize for which we have never had since CASA was established.