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CASA volleyball team won second prize for Mini-Olympic August 2009


On, 20 Oct 2009 at 8.30pm, CASA volleyball team entered the final match against Afganistan volleyball team. The event was held in AIT campus under the Mini-Olympic competition organized by Student Union. Unfortunately, the result was negative. CASA volleyball team won only the second prize of the competition. 


Although, CASA volleyball team won only the second prize, we are happy and proud for the success. This event has strengthened the relationship between all CASA's members but not only internally, within other communities which participated as well.


Finally, congratulate and thank to all CASA's members for contributing so much of their valuable time beside academic activities to participate and cheer the event. 

Wish you all the success and happiness.

Cambodian Conservationist Looks to Save Fish

An interview with one of CASA's alumni, Ms Ou Chouly, by VOA.

25 May 2009

Chouly Ou, a conservationist and biologist, hopes to use her education to save the fish of the Mekong river. Her plan is to pursue a PhD to gain technical knowledge on fish population modeling.

“I plan to develop a model for sustainable management of the fish population in the Mekong river, the largest and most important river in Cambodia,” Chouly Ou said in an interview with VOA Khmer.

Chouly Ou was born and raised in Battambang province. After finishing high school, in 1999, she pursued an undergraduate degree in biology at the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

After graduating in 2003, she was given a scholarship to study for a master’s in natural resources management, at the Asian Institute of Technology, in Thailand. High marks earned her a fellowship at Roskilde University, Denmark, in 2005.

She returned to the Royal University, in 2006, this time as a lecturer at the department of environmental science.

She worked for a conservation organization, Birdlife International, monitoring the Biodiversity Conservation Corridor Initiative. This allowed her to conduct fieldwork in forest areas like the Cardamom mountains and the eastern plains of Mondulkiri province.

She is now working for a PhD on fish population modeling.

“I believe that the fish population modeling I aim to develop will serve as a guide for sustainable management of fishery resources in the country,” she said.

Later this month, the conservationist will travel to Cambridge, Mass., to attend a Fulbright Enrichment Science and Technology Seminar.

She will be among the first Cambodian students to pursue a PhD with Fulbright funding.

“Participating in the seminar, I will learn about applied sciences, micro-enterprises and research and development laboratories,” she said.

Before attending the seminar, she plans to spend one week visiting the US capital and New York City, she said.  

Source: http://www.voanews.com/khmer/2009-05-25-voa5.cfm

Food Fair Nov 22, 2008

On Nov 22, 2008 Asian Institute of Technology have celebrate Food Fair occasion for all AITs students who come from diffent country to show their foods.

IMG_0001 by casa_ait.

IMG_0013 by casa_ait.

IMG_0049 by you.

Be the cambodian students, we also prepared some food to join this event.  Our foods are "PLE AI" desert and grilled beef which are the products of all CASA memberships.

IMG_0097 by casa_ait.

IMG_0095 by you.

IMG_0109 by you.

Be together, this event was pass very smoothly and happily.

IMG_0146 by you.

IMG_0104 by you.

As one of CASA member, I am very happy that I see our members are very helpfull and together.

For more photo please go to visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/casa_ait

CASA's charity fund for Khmer Language Project in Surin

Mr. Chanthy delivered CASA's fund to Mr. Mongkol

On the evening of November 06, 2008, there was a brief  amicably meeting between CASA's members and Mr. Chhay Mongkol (a project coordinator of Khmer Language project in Surin). In this meeting we had delivered some charity fund from our members for his project.

Though it was a small fund, but this has shown our hearty support and contribution in conserving our Khmer language. 

IMG_0010 by you.

Mr. Mongkol had brought us some documents about his projects. He said it would be nice for us to visit Surin some days to see his project there. He also has a plan for Kathen procession ceremony to a khmer pagoda during this month. 

Finally, he said he was thankful for this charity and hope to meet us again in Surin. 

IMG_0038 by you.

Welcome Show 25-10-2008

On October 25, 2005, Asian Institute of Technology celebrated the Welcome show event for all new students who come to learn here.

As in every previous year, this event creates a multicultural platform and brings together the unique performances from every country within AIT community. Such performances consist of Mr and Miss AIT contest, Dancing Competition, Singing Competition, and Drama.

Miss and Mr AIT contest

Coconut Shell Dance

Once again, we have brought our country and cultural image and identity to the stage of international community of AIT. And this is what everyone of our  CASA's members should be proud of our strong effort to participate the performance in this year's Welcome Show. 

What we had chosen to performe in this event were Mr and Miss AIT contest, and the Coconut Shell Dance (robam koah trolauk). 

Under the theme "Bond of Togetherness", this Welcome show reflected a memorable moment that all AITians have been living and working together in unity.

Even though we were not in the winner's list, the unity of our group makes all of us very happy and delightful with our well performances, and we still have hope for the next show competition.

All in all, what we need to keep in mind is that, unity is one of the keys to be success in our daily life and work. As an ancient quote said: "United we stand; divided we fall".

As one of CASA's members, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all CASA's members who have provided good cooperation and support, strong effort in practice and performance by sacrifying valuable time for our association as well as for our beloved nation. May this spirit of unity remain in the heart of everyone of us and in every CASA's generation forever..

More Photos: www.flickr.com/casa_ait

Dance performance practice for Welcome Show

In order to participate in this year's Welcome show prepared by Student Union, our CASA's members have prepared a performance practice by selecting one of our Khmer folk dances to perform. We will bring our Coconut Shells dance to the stage at this time. Beside this dance performace we also have a Mr.and Miss AIT contest.

 DSC03813 by you.

So please don't forget to join our show on this Saturday 25th October 2008 at AIT conference center..     

Sophea, second year Master student, to study in France

Ms. Sophea (forth from left, middle row), with our other members

One of our CASA's members, Ms Sophea, currently pursuing her second year Master degree in Computer Science, will depart on Friday 05 of September 2008 to continue her study in France. She will be on dual degree program of Telecommunication at the INT university under French scholarship.

Since AIT has partnerships with many universities around the world, its students have alot of opportunity to go on exchage or dual degree program.

In the previous years, there were also many Cambodian students from AIT got this scholarship opportunity.

Best of luck to Sophea... 

Experience sharing session from our seniors

CASA's PhD seniors, on the Saturday night of August 30, 2008 had called for a short meeting session in order to share some useful experiences to all new and continuing Master students.

DSC03704 by you.

Our PhD seniors who attended this meeting include Mr. Sophea, Mr. Chanthy, Mr. Kesaro, and new PhD student Mr. Phearith.. They had talked about their study experience.. esp how to be success in AIT to all juniors to know and to be prepare for each step of academic process.