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New CASA Team for August 2013!

On 15th August 2013, CASA organized a Welcome Party for new students who recently join AIT for their master and PhD studies. This event aimed to strengthen the relationship between seniors and juniors.

At the same time, new CASA management team has been selected based on the vote among the CASA's members. Congratulation to Ms. Chhom Vichar, PhD student in the field of RRDP/SERD for being selected as the CASA President for the August Semester 2013.

New CASA Management team consists of:

1- Ms. Chhom Vichar - President

2- Ms. Hour Sunheap - Vice President

3- Ms. San Sophany - Secretary

4- Ms. Kang Nayor - Finance

5- Mr. Yoeung Visal - IT

6- Mr. Seam Hak - Sports

7- Ms. Houn Keriya - Culture Affair

8- Ms. Hep Sreyleak - GA

Hopes this new team will bring more achievements to CASA; however, contribution/participation from every CASA member could not be forgotten.




First Cambodian Woman Join PhD Program at AIT in August 2013!

Ms. Chhom Vichar is the first Cambodian Woman joins PhD program at AIT in the field of RRDP, SERD in the August semester 2013.

Besides, there are 10 more students who will join master program at different field of studies as mention below:
1. Ms. Kaing Nayor - GDS/SERD
2. Mr. Seam Hak - GDS/SERD
3. Ms. San Sophany - GDS/SERD
4. Ms. Hep Sreyleak - GDS/SERD
5. Mr. Yoeung Visal - EEM/SERD
6. Mr. Phat Chandara - NRM/SERD
7. Ms. Hour Sunheap - AARM/SERD
8. Mr. Sim Chheko - FEBT/SERD
9. Ms. Houn Keriya - CEIM/SET
10. Mr. Phlang Phalla - MBA/SOM

Congratulation and welcome to AIT as well as to Cambodian AIT Student Association!

All the best for upcoming challenges!

10 Cambodian students join AIT in August 2012

In this semester, there are 10 Cambodian students coming to pursue their graduate and doctoral studies at AIT. Below are their names and fields of studies.

1. Chea Vuthy (RRDP, master)

2. Chen Sophanna (EEM, master)

3. Hong Darath (ASE, master)

4. Kok Sothea (EEM, doctoral)

5. Mov Chimeng (EEM, master)

6. Sam Sambath (Food Engg, master)

7. Sarm Samath (Transport, master)

8. Sothy Soeng (Transport, master)

9. Sun Sereyrath (Civil Engg, master)

10. Thida Tieng (CCSD, master)

Presently, there are 19 students both on courseworks and research at the AIT.

We wish them success and enjoy their lives here.


Mr. Chanthy: a new student enrolling in AIT Jan semester

Even it is in February, it is still in January semester in AIT; this, as you might know, is due to the flood which cause the delay. In this semester, there is only one student enrolled at AIT, Mr. Sam Chanthy and CASA had welcome him. CASA congratulates him for making the right decision to pursue his study at AIT. 

Mr Chanthy is doing his doctoral degree in Natural Resource Management under the School of Environment, Resource, and Development (SERD). His email is samchanthy@gmail.com and phone number is 084 726 3584. He's currently staying in dorm F. Those who would like to say hello to him, please contact him. 

We hope he will enjoy his life here and will do his best on this field of study. 

Once again, welcome to CASA and AIT! 




Five CASA's memers on courseworks and 4 on research arrived AIT's temporary campuses in Cha-am and Hua Hin

Hua Hin:  Five CASA's members on courseworks and four on research arrived AIT's temporary campuses in Hua Hin and Cha-am in Dec 02 after AIT had decided to resume its academic activity on the Dec 06. Of the 09 students, 05 are doing courseworks, the rest are on research. Other research students are expected to come on the 2nd or 3rd week of December after their data collection is completed and they got their advisers' approvals. Students on courseworks and research are expected to stay in the temporary campus until, atleast, end of the first semester. Detail info will be announced later. 

AIT post-flood updates: AIT has been dewatering then rebuilding and upgrading its inundated Pathumthani campuses. As of now, trespassing to AIT is still banned untill new official announcement is made. For latest update on the post-flood update, go to www.ait.ac.th/ or



CASA decided to leave AIT due to flood threatening.

Due to flood threatening, the AIT has announced a closure of the Institute till 31 October. It tries to recommence normal academica processess from Tuesday 1st November. Thus, CASA decided to left the Institute due to flood threatening: 8 have gone to Cambodia, 5 have moved to Chon Buri province (~200 Km away from AIT) to stay with Khmer students at Burapha Univ. As of now, the Institute is not yet flooded. The AIT President, AIT Flood Emergency operations group and volunteers have worked very hard to protect the Institute. To get the most flood updates, please go to www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2011/news/ait-is-monitoring-the-flood-situation-continuously

Thank you. 

CASA congratulates the great success of other two Cambodian PhD graduates


Dr. Dok Doma Dr. Lay Chanthy

It was a great moment, a great memory, and a great achievment for our seniors to successfully completed their PhD studies and recieved the PhD degrees. Dr. Dok Doma and Dr. Lay Chanthy are the two Cambodian seniors students at AIT who graduated their PhD on 114th graduation ceremony (December 17, 2010) after Dr. Choun Chansophea who graduated his PhD in May 2010.

CASA is very proudful for the hard work of our PhD scholars who eventually be able to successfully complete their research mission at AIT. This great achievement is not the only part of the graduates'success but also the part of CASA's success.

"After swiming for 5 years in the ocean, finally I approached the shore. With this connection, I would like to inform all of you that now I have comepleted my PhD study and graduated on this 17 Dec.", said Dr. Chanthy, whose major is Urban Environmental Management. Meanwhile Dr Doma whose field of study is Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management also expressed his feeling before leaving AIT, "My mission in AIT is finished after i am awarded the degree of doctor of philosophy. I really recognize that i have been enjoyable with our CASA society very much."

During this great ocassion, both of them had also brought their lovely families to join the graduation ceremony. However, not many CASA's members stayed at AIT during this time since they are on vacation holiday and data collection. So there was no CASA's formal farewell party celebration for our seniors, but only an informal farewell party with Dr. Chanty and his family. Dr. Doma was unable to join this informal party since he had to leave earlier.

Last but not least, CASA would like to wish the PhD graduates a great happiness and successful in professional career.

One of CASA’s members with her team won the 1st place of AIT Open Presentation Competition

(photo: AIT)

There was a final round of The Second AIT Open Presentation Competition on October 26th, 2010, which was organized by AIT Student Union together with cooperation of AIT’s management team, and several honor guests/judges from other institutions such as “a Program Specialist at Partners for prevention – an inter-agency initiative of UNDP, UNFPA, UNIFEM, and UNV”, “a Director of Information Technology Museum at National Science Museum, Thailand”, “an Education Editor at Bangkok Post”, “an Public Speaking Expert, author of Public Speaking for Human”, and “a AIT president”.  

The best 9 teams from SERD, SET, and SOM (that were selected from 25 teams in the preliminary round on October 20th, 2010) presented their respective topics in the final round on October the 26th. The topics are as following: Universities in Asia in 21st Century, The Role of University in Community Related Research, and Effective Strategies for maintaining an Open mind. It is a special remark that one of CASA’s member, Ms. SAR Dimdaline and other 3 people in her team from SERD won the 1st place of this final round competition with the topic, Universities in Asia in 21st Century. The prize of 20,000THB, 4 winning statues, 4 T-shirts, and 4 certificates were given to her team as a reward of their hard work.

Open minds and presentation skills dazzle AIT
(Photo: AIT)

(Written by: Sar Dimdaline)

More information: http://www.ait.ac.th/news-and-events/2010/news/open-minds-and-presentation-skills-dazzle-ait/view

Final Round.ppt701 KB
presentation video_0005.wmv13.63 MB

CASA Welcomes New Students for August 2010 Semester

On August 20, 2010, CASA celebrated the welcome party for new Cambodian students in August 2010 Semester. This semester, CASA's got only 9 new students. 

New students

New CASA's president and committee had also been elected for this semester.

Former president (left), new president (right)

New CASA's committees



Commune Database 2007

Commune Database 2007 may help those who currently conduct social research, especially thesis master students in SERD. To find out the assets that rural communities possessed in 2007, commune database 2007 in the attachment presents you the rawdata of both household and physical assets of all communes in 24 provinces/municipalities. Doma

Commune database_2007.zip5.39 MB