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CASA Secured 3rd Place in the International Food Fair

04/11/2013 13:03

Songkran International Fun Fair and International Food Fair has been organized by the AIT Student Union on 10th April 2013. Thirteen countries joined the food competition and Cambodian AIT Student Association (CASA) was one of them.

Awards are given to (1) Food Quality and (2) Booth decoration. Based on the judge, a Food from Cambodia called " Num Banh Chok" was ranked in the 3rd place.

This achievement is coming from a joint force from every CASA member.


AIT's 117th Graduation and Congratulations to our Seniors!

05/31/2012 22:01

AIT Pathum Thani.- AIT will host its 117th Graduation Event on the 01 June 2012 at Thai Science Park. CASA is honorable to its members namely Mr. Meng Kimsan, Mr. Theng Lipine, Mrs. Tak Vida, Mr. Kao Vannaro, Mr. Nhiep Seila, Mr. San Visal, Miss Sar Daline, and Mr. Pech Bunnat. We wish them success in both personal lives and work.

Best wishes from CASA!


Mini Maraton and slow bicycle race

04/10/2012 09:13

Dear CASA members,

Be informed that today comes the pleasure events organized by student union. Please come and cheer for our Cambodian sportswoman and sportsman.

Best Regards,


Culture show coming soon

04/01/2012 19:17

Dear All Community Members, 

The time is coming to launch the night of "Culture Show" for this semester. Regarding this, we are planning to conduct the following activities;

1. Competition of logo and theme

2. Singing Competition

3. Drama Competition

4. Talent Show

5. Dance Competition

6. Songs and Dance by non-competition groups or individual

The confirmed date for culture show is on 21 April 2012 (Saturday).

Venue: In Front of Outreach Building 

Therefore, we would like to invite all friends and colleagues to participate for a night we won't want to miss. Please share your wonderful, amazing and beautiful talent to all community members.

We will announce the guidelines for each activity soon.

All, let's have fun for a night!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CASA to participate AIT's Welcome/Cultural Shows semester August 2011

10/07/2011 22:36

CASA is pleased to announce that it will participate AIT's Welcome/Cultural Shows for semester August 2011 which is to be held on Oct 14.  Our performers are Mr. Chum Chantha and Miss Chin Leakhena. Rehearsal performance have been scheduled for 3 days, Oct 8th - 10th, at Room E222, 8PM - 11PM. Feel free if you are interested to join their rehearsal; It will be interesting and funny.

Join Us @ AIT on the Oct 14: 5 pm!

Please come to cheer for our CASA volleyball team again.

03/23/2011 17:30

 Dear all,

It is a pleasure that we can go up to the semi final through the result:

first match: Cambodia 2:1 Thailand

second match: Cambodia 1:2 Afghamistan

Third match: Cambodia 2:0 Bangladesh

Fourth match: Cambodia 2:0 International

Below is the time for matching:

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Volleyball results are attached for semi-finals.

Results are:

Pool A

Cambodia 1st

Thailand 2nd

Pool B

Megatronics 1st

Vietnam 2nd

For Semi-finals for Wednesday games will be as follows:

5:30pm Cambodia vs Vietnam

7:30pm Megatronics vs Thailand

ok thats all I have for tonight!


Please come to cheer for our CASA volleyball team. Schedule for our sports event is as following:

03/15/2011 17:15

 ----- Forwarded message from Kelly.Elizabeth.Franklin@ait.ac.th -----

   Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2011 23:17:40 +0700

   From: Kelly.Elizabeth.Franklin@ait.ac.th

Reply-To: Kelly.Elizabeth.Franklin@ait.ac.th

Subject: Volleyball matches Tues/Wed

     To: Abdul.Aziz.Mohibbi@ait.ac.thCarlos.Tiago.C.A.Castro@ait.ac.th




Hello Volleyball Team Captains,

Will you all please confirm back to me that you received this email!

Here is the game schedule and referees needed for tomorrow and Wednesday.  Please pass 

this information onto your individual team members.  I also attached some of the 

important game rules which I will also go over quickly before the 1st matches.  Please 

take the time to it least read the rules highlighted in BOLD!


5:15pm Cambodia vs Thailand-P. Pom's Team (2 Portugal Refs)

6:30pm France vs Portugal (2 Cambodia Refs)

8:00pm Vietnam vs Football-Thai (2 Afghanistan Refs)


5:15 Bangladesh vs International (2 Vietnam refs)

6:30 Afghanistan vs Cambodia (2 International refs)

8:00 Indonesia vs Megatonics-Thai (Bangladesh refs)

Then again for those who did not attend the meeting today.  We have 11 teams which we 

have split up into two pools A, B.  Everyone will play each team in their pool once.  The 

two teams from each pool with the most wins/most points  will go to semi-finals.  I will 

send out the entire schedule tomorrow.

Pool A

1. Cambodia

2. Thailand - P' Pom's Team

3. Bangladesh

4. International

5. Afghanistan

Pool B

6. France

7. Portugal

8. Vietnam

9. Football -Thai

10. Indonesia

11. Megatronics - Thai

Also for coordinating this tournament I have 3 other people who will be incharge with me: 

Sohail, Abdul Aziz, and Anil so if I am not at your game one of them will be in charge so 

please report to them as they are dialed with the rules and regulations.

Thanks and good luck to all of you.

My contact number is 084-8411234



CASA members plan to meet Ambassador.

02/13/2011 15:00

Dear all CASA members,

Please inform all of you that we will go to visit our Cambodia Embassy based in Thailand on Sunday 13 Feb, 2011. Therefore, please come and join together. 




Cheers for Cambodian sportsman

01/31/2011 15:30

Dear all CASA members,

The Mini-Marathon, Slow Bicycle and Relay Competitions are going to start on Monday 31 January 2011 upcoming soon, starting from 3:30pm. Therefore, I would like to encourage everybody join such kind of this event together if you are free from the class. By the way, please join to cheer our friend - Mr. Tha, Mr. Vanaro, Mr. Visal, Mr. Seila and I who are going to be candidates for relay and slow bicycle as well.

Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder!