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AIT Cultural Show - CASA (by anjin) by you.

CASA, every semester, actively participates in cultural performance event prepared by AIT. We often bring our Khmer culture to perform on this international stage.

However, we find our budget to support the activity is quite limited since we use our own personal fund contribution. So far we need to upgarde our old resources (such as clothes and equipments)  in order for us to be able to perform in the next event.

With this contraint, we would like to request for support from all donors, especially alumni body, government agencies, NGOs, companies, and individual who are interested in promoting our Khmer culture. Your kind contribution is worthwhile for our beloved nation.

For your donation, please contact us at:

Mr. KAO Vannaro - (President, August 2011)
Mobile: +66(0)877 493 022