Experience Sharing


Chanthy, Lay [PhD, NRM (Dec 2010)]

After swiming for 5 years in the ocean, finally I approached the shore. With this connection, I would like to inform all of you that now I have comepleted my PhD study and graduated on this 17 Dec.

The success of my study was of course from a big contribution of CASA members who always shared information, jokes, happies, sports, events to make my life in AIT happily and not so boring.

I am very hesitate to say good bye from you all. However, it is a routine and next sooner will be your turn. I always memorized all activities that we have jointed together in AIT such as lunch, dinner, bedminton, party, trips, and your kind assistances.

I would like to wishing all the best and great seccess in your challenged mission in persuing study at AIT.

Doma, Dok [PhD, AARM (Dec 2010)]

I honestly want to say that on an across of Academics Ocean is very much hard and risky, but not harmfully and hurtfully, on the way you walk through. It requires much efforts, endurances, exploration, wisdom and bless of God. As long as you can bear and be optimistic on your academic way, your willingness will arrive with you in a certain time. It can be long or short, but it is exactly happening in any circumstances of your life.

My message is to advise you for no hesitation to continue your further academic life when you crossed master degree. Six years of my PhD has of cause bored me sometimes, but has never damaged my hopeful will, although a bid old, but I remember the word that “the older the age you have, the hot spicy the chili is”. Three things will always stay with your life; one is academics performance, second is social and economical contribution, and third is ethical attitude.

I finally wish you all the best for your own respective endeavors.



Heng Sokchhay [Master of Engineering - Water Engineering and Management (May 2009)]


Without any professional experiences, I have to work a bit harder than others do to get more career chances after graduation from AIT. What did I do to fulfill this purpose? I joint career network. I reinforced relationship with all faculty members & classmates. I worked as student assistant. I attended seminars/workshops/conferences/career fairs. I checked every email whose subjects related to job/internship opportunities. As a result, I got a job before my graduation.

Sophea, Chhun [Master of Engineering - Computer Science (May 2009)]

My name is Sophea; I obtained my Engineering Degree in Computer Science (Génie Informatique et Communication) at Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC or called Techno) in 2007. After finishing my Engineering Degree, I came to study in AIT under the support of France-AIT Fellowship for master degree in computer science.

About AIT, I like it a lot and everything happened to me in here is one of unforgettable memorizes in my life. AIT has green environment, big area, multi nationalities/cultures and it provides enough facility to students. I learnt so many things in here including knowledge in course works as well as daily life. I also mad many new Cambodian friends and other friends from different countries. We shared our knowledge, experiences, time and care to each other. Moreover, AIT is also a place where I improved my English and provided me a chance for a dual degree exchange program to study in France; that was an other great experience for me.

Finally, I would like to say I love AIT; even I got some pressure during my stay here. However, I received back so many useful things, unforgettable memorizes and friendship.


Sort Borort [Master of Science - Information Management (May 2009)]

Time doesn’t stop moving, and it keeps running even faster… The two-year period in AIT has just gone like a dream and left behind many wonderful experiences and memories I have ever had in my life.. Well, I could say I am so fortunate to get a chance to come to study at AIT and you know, this is one of my dreams that I used to wish for. It was not very easy for me to get this opportunity, but because of my qualification, my belief in “never give up”, and my effort, finally I could find the way to come.

The first moment when I was in AIT, I felt I was not alone with the helping hands of the senior students. They helped from assisting me to register for accommodation to finding me the dormitory room and showing me the place I could find food to eat. They also provided me many useful advices. What impressed me the most about AIT at first were the natural beauty and the peacefulness of its green campus. Such kind of things made me feel like being at home…

Well, life in AIT began with lots of enjoyments and funs. I could remember a list of schedule for the first few weeks.. many welcome parties, trips, and so on.. We could also still find enough time to sleep nicely.. :). After one or two months later, tough life immediately started. It was because we had to deal with many workloads.. such as assignments, course projects, exam preparation, etc..  and you know, because of this  some students called AIT as “Assignment Institute of Technology..”. However, those were what we came here for.. and we had to be ready to master them..

Of course, everyone had to work hard to get good grade.. and that was very challenging in AIT. I remember many nights that we had to stay up late or even didn’t sleep at the lab trying to complete works before the deadline.. as well as we had to attend the early morning class.. everybody still closed their eyes.. “oh.. what a terrible life..”. It was a bit hectic initially. However, we still could cope up with such difficulties in the end. I agree with Friedrich Nietzsche who quoted that: “Something which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Anyway, in between such hard time there were also many kinds of activities and programs in AIT that could help us to release our tension from stress.. such as parties and dancing, sports, movie on campus, yoga and meditation program, etc..

In AIT, it is all about time management.. I found time is running really fast. If you could well manage your time then you would partially free yourself from many workloads..  Frankly, I had some difficulties in this matter so what I had to do was I spent most of the times on my study rather than on socializing myself.. Well, I knew that was not a really good way of doing so but I didn’t have many better options at that time and you know, some friends often told me not to work too hard.. Erm.. perhaps I wasn’t so smart enough so I had to work a bit harder.. hehe :). Anyway, I guess you could learn to manage your time properly and balance yourself between studying and relaxing.. better than I did. Related to this, health is very very important.. if it goes down then you won’t be able to do anything.. Thus, please care about your health.. by doing physical exercises, eating healthy food, and having adequate time of sleeping..

We might have different ways of being success.. and a component of my own success in AIT is primarily lying on my patience. I love challenging with difficulties.. if something comes into my interest, no matter how hard it might be, I often keep trying to overcome it… “it doesn’t matter just to try our best on what we want to do..” However I think everybody has their own limitations.. and we cannot just do everything beyond our ability.. but I believe that we DO HAVE ability to learn new things and here in AIT, we have a lot of chances. In addition, I am always careful about my works and other things.. Though it may take me some times but I need to make sure that any works should properly and professionally been done.

Talking about how to study… well, carefully listening and good note taking are the keys in class..  Reading a lot is also what you have to do. Do you know whom I first go to every time I have questions? – “Google..”  It contains knowledge of the world.. However I wouldn’t say that you don’t have to consult with your professor or advisor..  you have to.. since they will be very helpful to guide you with all your academic problems.. Keep practicing.. the more you practice the more you become expert in your skill.. “Don’t wait..” my professor often said.. never wait until the last minute since it will cause you a lot of painful.. Prioritizing your works.. consider and do the most crucial work first..  

Friendship is among the most important things in AIT. I guess you cannot be alone all the times.. The day would not be bright without talking to anyone.. and that is one of the roots of stress. I could remember many times I used to have lunch or dinner alone and I think you probably can understand about such lonesome feeling.. Friends can help you to solve some kinds of problems you may have or at least they can be good consultants who can encourage you and make you happy.. You know, at AIT there were smiles and tears that we would share with our friends.. Apart from hard times of our course and research works, we could also find some good times to be together... cooking for each other, going out for dinner or shopping, enjoying evening badminton match, chatting over anything.. from study topic to personal issues.. Those are what obviously can make everyone of us feels warm and make our life worth living here..

Eventually, everything has to reach its ending, and as time goes by we would definitely achieve something that we had put a strong effort on... At the moment I am holding a master degree from AIT.. but more importantly, what I obtain from here are far more than just that piece of paper.. the professional skills, the ways we work and live together in multicultural environment, the understanding of people, the feeling of being helpful in the community, getting to know many friends from all around the world, the opportunity to expose ourselves in diversity of culture, etc.. those are the greatest things that will push us to go forward..  Besides that, I also learnt many things from my friends and juniors.. they inspired and changed me a lot.. Many thanks to them.. so far I can see some improvements of my own weaknesses..

Now it is the time to leave AIT, it is the time to be apart from all beloved friends whom we used to spend our times with.. Even though we really hesitate to do so, but we need to move to another step of our life to catch our next dream... What I could say is “I’ll miss AIT a lot... I can’t forget all memories of AIT..” Last but not least, there are still many wonderful things about AIT that I couldn’t describe all in here.. and my final word that I would suggest is you should make the most of your time in AIT.. since you may never find any places that can teach you many lessons - from academic skills to everyday life - and build yourself to become a real professional like this place… also please always try your best and value all your hard works and efforts that you have done so far since it will pay you back with pride and happiness.. I am sure you will enjoy your life in AIT as much as I did.. and wish you be successful in your academic life.. :)

Thak Socheat [Master of Science - Gender and Development Studies (May 2009)]


Before I came to pursue Master degree at AIT I have commitment that at least I have to get master degree for my whole life. Now I got it!!!!! I have gained a lot from studying at AIT including knowledge, skills, and friendship. I have commitment that although I could not get A all subject, at least I have to get B+.  In fact, I am not too much hard working, but I know how to get succeed in my study: the way to get benefits from participation, and learn by myself (learning by doing). I know what are my weakness and strength, so I know what I am going to I improve. I really enjoy myself in AIT; I have time to study, to go for a walk, to play badminton, as well as to play …..:). I learn a lot from my foreign friends, but I still considered Cambodian friends as my first priority when they need my help. What I want to tell is that Advisor is our father or mother because they help us lot in study. Do not put your work until the last minute……………Last, I want to tell that I really enjoy playing badminton and dancing with bang bang and other friends J… Oh, after my graduation I will still be in Thailand because I have to join in the program of Mekong Institute in Khon Khen……………..So I will know the new environment in other place in Thailand beside AIT.

Va Sothy [Master of Science - RRDP (May 2009) ]


I would say it was a great opportunity to study in AIT. AIT provided me with a wide range of knowledge, and living and study experiences in the multinational community of multicultural students.

With regard to study, it was not necessary that you made strong efforts with low returns. On the contrary, it should be in the way that you made it less with the higher ones.

Importantly, I found solidarity, cooperation and friendship among our Cambodian and other international friends were valuable assets for such the students like us living far away from home.

Vichheka, Vorn [Master of Science - NRM (May 2009)]


First to step in AIT, I could not even tell myself why am I here??? Recently, I do absolutely clear to answer the question.  AIT is not only the place for academic earning but also life experience where joyful and stressful is beneath. Whenever you are here, becoming AITIAN you will learn how people are socialized, how to interact each other, how the word helps would widely meant to? I do believe people can earn from AIT. I can tell that my expectation have been gaining more after I have gone through AIT academic process. You also will no doubt to be AITIAN.

To bear in mind that getting success in AIT, two important things need to take deeply into consideration. Commitment is firstly get you to be success. Whenever you commit to do something, of course you will absolutely catch successful in hand. Encouragement is the second thing. Even though you have no encouragement from someone, you can encourage yourself. Think of one sentence “encourage yourself first before you want someone to encourage you” and that is really true.


Bunrith, Seng [Master - Environmental Engineering and Management (May 2008)]


I restrict myself to get grade A for at least two courses.. and the rest can be B+, so I need to focus and spent more time on the 2 courses which i want to get A..

Chanboreth, Ek [Master - RRDP (May 2008)]


Being balance in study is important here.. balancing will move you forward .. and need to know what we need and what we should do.. Remember to have one motivation, and one committment.. do not challenge among only our Cambodian, but also with others .. For group working.. I need to make sure that my work cannot be dorminated.. and often be acknowledged..

Chansopheap, Ouk [Master - Gender and Development Studies (May 2008)]


I choose Gender and Development Studies field in AIT, because my main intension is to discover many things about the society..
I feel very proud after finishing my study here.. however we need to use our knowledge to develop our country.. I have a strong commitment to work and serve our Cambodian society.

Davin, Kim [Master - Food Engineering (May 2008)]


..for my thesis, I do the thing which I love to do..the topic that i like, no matter how difficult it is.. However the most difficult thing during my thesis is i have to work in the lab all the times..

Khan Ra [Master - WEM (May 2008)]


we have a good cooperation here.. so we should continue this cooperation to make our association to be more successful..

Mith Samonn [MBA/International Business (May 2008)]


Having the opportunity to do my master degree at such regionally well-known institution with different cultures is a pride for my family and my life.  People at AIT are so serious about their studies, they are so competitive!!!!! They want to produce the best results as they could so that they will be proud when wearing the graduation gown as well as for their bright awaiting future career.  One valuable experience is that we learn to balance between the study and the recreational time.  Stress will keep mounting up and up which de-motivate you a lot if you do not know how to release it.  So be ready to face the real challenge for your study, and be prepared for enjoying your life after finishing assignments/exams and after the semester is ended.

Pichadaroat, Ly [Master - International Business (May 2008)]


I found that there are some difficulties with our study if our health is not good.. so please strongly consider about your health as priority..

Sarin, Khun [Master - International Business (May 2008)]


I am happy to have opportunity to come to AIT. First time to be abroad.. Learn to live far away from family..so I sometimes feel missing home very much. The good thing is we still have well kept our custom and culture.. as our proverb says: "When the culture extinguishes, the Nation will disappear.When the culture is magnificent, the Nation is prosperous."

Virakdara, Noun [Master - International Business (May 2008)]


..my last expectation from my study here and from knowing everyone.. hope to have work with everyone in the future.. because we know each others very well much more than the others.


I want to learn new things which is relevant to my work and experience.. This is my preference and also one of my strong point..



Chouly, Ou [Master of Science - Natural Resource Managment (2006)]



There are many good opportunities out there for you to start your career path after finishing from AIT..
For my experience in AIT..I am a person who never give up doing things until i achieve my goal no matter how hard it is or how much i have to invest. For example, when I strive to gain all A in all subjects at AIT even though i have to sacrifice my sleep, pleasure,…I almost went no where during my course work period; I hardly slept for few weeks when exam coming…;I almost did nothing besides focusing on my study. I can say during that period, what i have in mind was “getting all A in all subjects”. i would say it was the study-only year for me. I devote myself to all causes of study..



Sophanna Yath [Master - Business Administration (2005)]



"I was a students in both National University of Cambodia (NUM, BBA in Accounting) and Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC, DUT or Diploma in Computer Science. I also had partially completed my BBA (third year) in Economic in Royal University of Laws and Economics (RULE). After graduation, a scholarship from French government had been given to me to pursue my master degree (MBA in International Public Management) in School of Management, Asian Institute of Technology (SOM, AIT).

During my second year in AIT, I was lucky enough to get another scholarship for a Dual Degree program in ESCP-EAP (Master in Management in Finance), Paris, France. I stayed in Paris for one year and came back to finish my MBA in AIT.

Right after the graduation from AIT, I got a job offer from Intel to work in Malaysia as a Country Accounts Manager managing Cambodia, New Zealand and Singapore market. After working in Kuala Lumpur for almost one and a half year, I had came back to join AIT as a staff for about nine months and I am now working in General Electric as a management trainee in Financial Management Program (FMP) based in Bangkok.

I did not feel regret in choosing SOM, AIT to pursue my MBA. It gave me a great exposure in experiencing multi diversity cultures from the students all around the world. Thanks to AIT and the dual degree program for giving me such a wonderful and brilliant knowledge as well as golden opportunities allowing me to work in different companies in different countries with different cultures". (http://studylink.com/display/provider/provider-info.html?pid=pid-mm-01-a...)