About Us

Cambodian AIT Student Association (CASA) is a non-profit organization established by the Cambodian students studying at AIT in 1994. The primary purpose of CASA is to provide a platform for Cambodian students to interact, communicate, and exchange experiences, knowledge and necessary information with each other and expose ourselves to the world.

To provide efficient and excellent human resources with appropriate capacity in assisting to develop Cambodia in sustainable manner.

To enhance the solidarity, unity, dignity and cooperation within the association and to build public relationships with AIT community, alumnus, Cambodian students from every angle of the globe and outsiders.


  • Exchange experience and knowledge among the CASA members
  • Provide financial as well as technical support to any member when needed
  • Promote and strengthen the issues of art, culture, civilization and sport
  • Provide the opportunity for Khmer students to get to know each others for enhancement of solidarity, trust and high conscience for both internally and externally
  • Create and promote friendship, collaboration and popularity among the members and with national and international agencies and associations